Cut content from Bloodborne appears in videos, including unused bosses, NPC’s, enemies, and armor sets.

Today, YouTuber Sanadsk uploaded a video going through some newly discovered cut content from Bloodborne. The video displays the models for each character and boss, but does not include any sound clips as they are non-playable. The video is pretty show-and-tell, so I won’t go far into discussing them. This is a really awesome discovery, so be […]

Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep comic book coming in 2018

Bloodborne is receiving some new story in the form of a comic book, Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep. The comic will be published by Titan Comics and it features the Hunter against the cursed city of Yharnam. Fortunately, the writer for this comic, Ales Kot, who is known for some great horror work is a massive fan of the […]

Revered Great One Coldblood and Guidance “Tier 3” have been discovered in Bloodborne.

The Revered Great One Coldblood (highest consumable for Blood echoes) and Guidance “Tier 3” (rune for 30% rally-potential) have finally been discovered in Bloodborne. The Revered Great One Coldblood is mentioned alongside the official Bloodborne guide, whereas Guidance “Tier 3” is mentioned in the Bloodborne: The Old Hunter’s guide. The Bloodborne community have been looking […]